Frozen Rope Golf – Performance products for serious golfers

The Frozen Rope line of golf products were developed by professional golfers and club-fitters with the aim of providing the golfer with a stunning range of golf clubs at excellent prices.

Cutting edge technology is found throughout the product range and the ability to custom build your sets puts you in charge.

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FR1 Driver

The Frozen Rope FR1 Driver offers the most explosive drives through the utilisation of the finest grade titanium, offering a strong and lightweight head with maximum COR (Coefficient of Restitution) whilst staying inside the boundaries of legality. This maximum forgiveness driver delivers power and accuracy by using heel weighting and is progressively shut between lofts.

FR1 Fairway

The Frozen Rope FR1 fairway wood is easy on the eye and a top performer making it without doubt one of the leading clubs in its class in golf today. A pleasingly low profile coupled with extra weighting in the sole, make it almost too easy for the player to produce a high flight with minimal spin further enhancing the FR1’s playability and performance. A stainless steel head strengthened in the face and crown offer maximum power through impact direct to the golf ball.

UCB Irons

The Frozen Rope UCB Iron offers value, quality and forgiveness without compromising on performance. The UCB Iron features an oversize cavity back design with offset and an undercut cavity to help golfers of all abilities achieve a high yet penetrating ball flight without producing excessive amounts of spin.

HCB Irons

The Frozen Rope HCB Iron is possibly the most technologically advanced iron on the market today
The head, produced in a pure 17-4 steel also features tungsten weights in the sole and the technologically brilliant Hollow Cavity Back design contains a silicone gel to absorb vibration on off centre strikes. The look, feel and performance of this iron is stunning.


The Frozen Rope TW Tour Hybrid could solve every problem in one offering a sleek appearance and mind boggling performance. Utilising the patented Dual Airflow Stabilizer Technology, this Hybrid has been a huge hit all around the world with players of all kinds of abilities and backgrounds. Using the ‘DAF’ technology and the finest raw materials, the player is able to produce a shot as good as or better than one created by a traditional long iron.

Combo Irons

Residing at the top of the purists Frozen Rope range of forged golf irons – The 3 iron through to the 6 iron are small cavity backed masterpieces and the 7 iron through to Pitching Wedge is the most sublime of muscle back blades.

The two heads blend perfectly to surely provide the best of both Worlds!

Raw Golf Wedge

Yet again Frozen Rope bring you some of the finest golf wedges on the planet! One piece forged and hand ground these masterpieces are from the experts in Japan and only available on a limited edition basis. All the skills of the Japanese master craftsman is evident in the hand ground edges of this fine short game tool!


Serialised, Limited Editon run of 25 of the very finest putters! These FR putters are sure to be sold out quickly as they are pure in every sense of the word! Awesome feedback and feel from these exceptional golf putters as they are precision cnc milled from soft finest grade S25 mild carbon steel!