Vega Golf Hybrid Clubs

Vega Golf Hybids In Stock at Maximus Golf

Maximus Golf is honoured to offer its customers the 2015 Vega Japan range of Hybrid Clubs.These performance golf clubs are optimised with the shaft options Maximus Golf can fit and deliver ultimate performance to the discerning golfer.
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Vega VU-04 is a more traditional shaped hybrid than we have produced before. It has a new maraging steel face and a one piece body made from 17-4 stainless steel, this one piece body adds shape. The maraging face is super hard and gives extra distance without compromising feel factor. The head is a low profile design with a semi shallow face to help launch the ball easier.

Vega VU-03 is made up of a multi metal construction. VU-03 also now benefits from the same interchangeability as the RAD-03 and RAF-03 using the same weight screws. The flight and performance has been tweeked to give an even more penertrating flight than previous models.The VU-03 is the hottest most usable hybrid we have made to date.  

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