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UK designed - Long Hitting drivers and fairway woods
United Golf brings you forged clubs and accessories of the highest order!

There are a number of factors that have influenced club design, particularly irons and wedges. The nature of the ground where they are used, the technology and materials available to make them, the rules to what could or could not be used and science and computer aided design. Irons were made by blacksmiths until around the end of the 19th century. As a result they were heavy with large hosels to hold the hickory shafts. The invention of drop forging in the late 1800s meant better irons could be mass produced.

The early 1900's saw many new innovations in club design,. There were many bizarre clubs made in this period, such as the "giant niblicks". The 1920s also saw the change from naming of clubs from names like cleek, mid-iron, mashie, jigger and niblick to the now familiar numbering system.

Probably the most important change was in 1908 with the move from smooth faces on the irons to the grooves we use today. This gave a greater amount of control over the golf ball, especially from longer grass and sand.

Since the 1980s, computers have been used increasingly to design clubs and balls. Materials such as graphite shafts and titanium have come into widespread use. The final phase has seen the adaptation of computer aided design (CAD) to club design. This has enabled designers to push boundaries further.

United utilizes this CAD work and unites it with the latest in premium forging and precision cnc milling to create the most advance forged clubs in golf.

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