NovaPed ProBasic Insole Golf Specific
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NovaPed ProBasic Insole Golf Specific

Golf Specific Insoles

Immediate improvement with arch supports

NovaPED Golf arch supports:

NovaPED Golf arch supports have been developed to fit the specialist needs of a golf player by improving the course of motions during tee-off and backswing.

Special stiffening and pressure distribution zones provide improved stability and dampening. This has a positive effect on the feet, the knee axis, the hip and the dorsal muscles.

The arch supports assist the player in finding an economic movement and an improved co-ordination, thus leading to an optimum rotary motion and dynamic power of impact with a simultaneous relief of the entire body.

NovaPED arch supports can be supplied both asymmetric and for right and left handed players.

Prevents damage to joints
Improves the body's motion during swing
Allows the standing foot's natural rolling movement
NovaPED Golf ProComfort


NovaPed Golf ProComfort
Pressure Relief Points:
All of big toe 
Ball of small toe  
Sturdy Lateral Guidance:
These amazing golf specific insoles are a positive addition to your golf equipment and will make a significant
improvement in your golf and enjoyment of the game. Order these Novaped insoles safely and securely from Maximus Golf today.

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