Vega Golf 1st Prototype Satin Wedge (LIMITED STOCK)
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Vega Golf 1st Prototype Satin Wedge (LIMITED STOCK)

At Maximus Golf we offer the entire range of Vega Golf wedges along with the Vega Irons and Vega Drivers to create the perfect set. Now we have in stock the Vega Golf ProtoType Satin Wedge should definitely be considered! Based on the Vega 05 Satin Wedge It is manufactured with a more compact head than the 03 with a traditional teardrop head shape and sleek satin finish. The Prototype-05 has a high concentration of brass giving the head unparalled feel and amazing spin, arguably the best high spinning golf wedge on the market.  This stunning wedge can be custom fit for that added peace of mind to become a short game maestro! 
The Prototype is a unique version of the RAFW-05 satin. The knuckle of sole at the heel has be ground away to enable the head to be laid wide open without raising the leading edge. The material is the EES, same as the RAFW-05. The face is spin milled.
The Vega Golf 1st Proto RAFW-05 can be finished with a range of grips such as Golf Pride's award-winning Multi Compound and the every-popular Iomic Grip. Make a selection from the menu below or call 01884 254836 for more options or to discuss custom fit.
Details of Available Shafts
Graphite - Aldila NV
The Aldila NV features Aldila's exclusive Micro Laminate Technology. This technology offers the player enhanced performance and feel. The consistent taper and slim profile produces a shaft with consistent performance, flex and feel from the butt-end to the tip and eliminates the dull, boardy feel of other performance shafts on the market. The NV is the leading shaft series on the PGA and other Nationwide Tours.
For more information on the Aldila Shafts available in the Vega Golf  Prototype 05 Satin Wedge visit their website:
Steel - FST 125
The FST 125 is a conventional weight iron shaft featuring a traditional step pattern. This shaft is an excellent value for the better player, or those that prefer a heavier iron shaft. S/X Combo flex.
For more information on the FST Shafts that are available in the Vega Golf Prototype-05 Satin Wedge, visit their website:

For any further information or to try these astounding products call 01884 254836 to talk to one of our PGA Professionals and Club Technicians.


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