SeeMore Golf m2 'mSeries' Putter Prototype D-Tour Demo
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SeeMore Golf m2 'mSeries' Putter Prototype D-Tour Demo

The milled back cavity insert also interacts with the milled stainless steel body to enhance feedback and create a solid, crisp, silky feel that is unprecedented and must be experienced to understand. 100% Milled and Made in USA

The m2 - Specs

- The m2 is a classic heel/toe blade with heel shaft and RifleScope Technology.
- 100% milled 303 stainless steel head accounting for 95% of mass.
- 100% milled 6061 lightweight aircraft aluminum back cavity insert.
- Creates higher moment of inertia (MOI) and an expanded sweet spot.
- Merges with 303 stainless steel head to enhance feedback and feel.

The m2 putter is the smallest putter in the line of mSeries putters, and is the only true heel shaft putter in the SeeMore mSeries line. The m2 features a sport RifleScope (RST) which is slightly smaller than the standard RST, and the m2 incorporates a mid size top-line. The shaft is bored-in near the heel of the putter allowing for maximum toe hang.

The body of the m2 putter is 100% CNC milled from investment grade 303 stainless steel. The m2 features a unique back cavity insert behind the face, which is milled from 6061 aircraft aluminum. The bi-metal construction gives the m2 an incredible feel, and very large sweetspot. Each mSeries putter also incorporates a milled internal hosel, providing an extra internal connection between the shaft and head, which enhances feel and allows the putter to be lie-adjusted later on should the player ever wish to modify this important specification. The m2 features a beautiful silky platinum finish.

The m2 putter is milled in California and the putter is custom built in Tennessee. Grips options include Winn, Golf Pride (3 sizes), Lamkin, Feel-tec, and Iomic (upcharge). Head-covers are designed and manufactured to precisely fit each putter. There are several color options to choose from for each model.

RifleScope Technology (RST) allows the golfer to set up the putter consistently every time in relation to the intended target line, leading to a better set up, better alignment, and a better stroke. This is accomplished by lining up the black bottom portion of the shaft between two white lines and covering a signature red dot on the heel of the top line. All SeeMore putters feature a proprietary 2-tone chrome shaft with an 8 inch black satin section at the bottom, a visible and integral part of SeeMore™s alignment system.

Tour demo so has a few scratches on the bottom of the putter. Please call 01884 254836 for more information or pictures.

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