Vega Golf RAFW-03 Raw Wedge (60 Degree)
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Vega Golf RAFW-03 Raw Wedge (60 Degree)

The Vega RAFW-03 Raw wedge offers awesome feel combined with excellent spin to ensure ultimate control to attack any pin postion (even those tight dare if you will testers).   The Vega RAFW-03 Raw Wedge (also available in Satin) has a unique  finish with a specialist grinding on the bottom of the sole allowing for clean strikes off tight lies. This is one of the most versatile wedges in the world. This wedge head would be consider a larger profile compared to the rest of the range Vega have on offer!
The brilliant raw finish hightlights the carefully ground sole and leading edge with the darker finish reducing any glare which is the option preferred by many a tour pro!













Details of Available Shafts
Graphite - Aldila NV
The Aldila NV features Aldila's exclusive Micro Laminate Technology. This technology offers the player enhanced performance and feel. The consistent taper and slim profile produces a shaft with consistent performance, flex and feel from the butt-end to the tip and eliminates the dull, boardy feel of other performance shafts on the market. The NV is the leading shaft series on the PGA and other Nationwide Tours.
For more information on the Aldila Shafts available in the Vega Golf RAFW-03 Raw Wedge visit their website:
Steel - FST Hi Rev
The wedge is the most often used iron club for most players. Traditionally club builders select shafts for a wedge from a normal progression in a set of shafts, usually the shaft that is incrementally shorter and stiffer than the previous longer length iron, like the 9 iron.
However, today’s golfer play specialty wedges with a variety of lofts, bounce, shape, etc. The Hi-Rev is designed to perform harmoniously with the heavier and more lofted heads to impart ball spin and preferred ball flight. Club fitters can select from three flexes and two tip configurations.
For more information on the FST Shafts that are available in the Vega Golf RAFW-03 Raw Wedge, visit their website:
For any further information or to try these Vega Wedges please call 01884 254836 to talk to one of our PGA Professionals and Club Technicians.

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