United Golf - SBC3 Irons (5-PW)
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United SBC3 Golf Irons
Stainless steel head with Maraging face, for maximum distance. Unique 'set design' with precision tungsten weight placement, and progressive groove technology.

Longer Irons

Heal weighted to help square face at impact
Lower groove count to minimize spin, creating a more penetrating flight.

Mid Irons

Heal and toe weighted, help maintain neutral face angle and launch.
Mid grove count for optimal mid iron spin without ballooning.

Short Irons

Toe weighted to stop excessive de-lofting of the clubface, helping maintain launch angle.
Max groove count, to give maximum spin for full control (drop and stop)

The concept is designed around 4 main key points:

Weight changes and centre of gravity (CG) moves across the head progressively through the set. This is achieved by altering the overall mass and through the use of tungsten.

Weight and CG up and down the head changes progressively through the set. This will help with launch and spin. The low CG on long irons produces high launch/low spin. This is progressive through to short irons that have high CG producing low launch/ high spin. This also links in with the groove story in 4.

2 piece construction with Spring steel face to give increased distance and excellent feel and feedback.

Groove story few grooves on long irons, standard on the mid and lots on the short irons. Again this will link in with 2 to produce low spin in long irons, mid spin in mid irons, and high spin in short irons.


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