Musashi Collectable Cavity (Serialised) - Only 10 in the world!
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For the collectors and golfers of all abilities out there, the Musashi Golf serialised cavity back irons are the ultimate in golf weaponry. Born from the fires of the forges at the Vega Golf forging house in Japan, these irons are undoubtedly the hottest product on the market right now. With only 10 sets ever made, these Musashi Golf blades are arguably the most sought after irons in the world today. 

As to be expected from the sister company of the mighty Vega Golf, there are a number of really rather extraordinary features to these irons. For example, the set runs from 3 to 13 iron and the head is majestically finished with the landscape of the Musashi Mountains hand carved right here in the UK.

However, this set not only ticks the aesthetics box but delivers unrivaled performance. The head is a one piece forging from carbon steel, giving the accomplished golf play-ability through the longer irons and unbelievable feel and control around the green.

It is almost impossible to describe just how impressive these irons are so look out for the FULL review coming soon. In the meantime, give us a call on 01884 254836 or email We can't stop talking about these clubs - you may as well join us!


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