Vega Golf RAF Fairway Wood
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Vega Golf RAF Fairway Wood

Now get the same great benefits of the patented Airflow technology from Vega golf as featured in Vega's award winning driver now available in the Vega Golf RAF fairway Wood. Want to Improve the strike and accuracy of your fairway wood shots? If so the Vega RAF Fairway Wood is the perfect club, with the airflow stabilizer technology their is no longer too much unwanted turbulence around the club head during the golf swing thus increasing club head speed and reducing excess vibrations leaving you able to hit those pin seeking fairway woods to the envy of your golfing friends. The body of the Vega Golf RAF clubhead is made from 6-AL4V Titanium with a 15-3-3-3 Titanium face for explosive power, exceptional consistency, and deadly accuracy. With a low, deep centre of gravity the Vega RAF picks the ball up effortlessly from the tightest of lies and gives a strong, powerful flight.
As with all Vega Golf products they have been designed to be sleek with no added frills or gimmicks, manufactured in small quantities in Japan to the highest quality and standards all ensures that the Vega Golf RAF Fairway wood is arguably the best performing fairway wood on the market.
 Here at Maximus Golf we want you to have the best product available to you so we only stock the best. All Vega Golf Products can be fitted specifically to you and the Vega Golf RAF Fairway is no exception, fitted with the highly popular and recomended Aldila NV Shaft as standard. Any other alternative can be fitted for you please read below with a brief outline of possible shaft options for you, if you would like any further information on the fitting then please email or call us on 01884 254836 to speak to one of our club builders and custom fit specialists.
Vega Headcover Included.









Details Of Available Shafts
Aldila NV (Fitted as Standard)
The Aldila NV features Aldila's exclusive Micro Laminate Technology. This technology offers the player enhanced performance and feel. The consistent taper and slim profile produces a shaft with consistent performance, flex and feel from the butt-end to the tip and eliminates the dull, boardy feel of other performance shafts on the market. The NV is the leading shaft series on the PGA and other Nationwide Tours.
Aldila DVS
The Aldila DVS takes power to a new level. The DVS features an innovative, new responsive tip design for extra kick at impact with an optimum launch. Stabilized with a unique flex profile and very low torque - distance is maximized! Aldila's revolutionary Micro Laminate Technology, enhanced with nano-tubes, provides for the perfect feel. High performance technology harnessed and perfected into a special blend of weight, torque, flex and feel.
Aldila VS Proto
The new Aldila VS Proto Series feature Aldila's exclusive Next-Generation Micro Laminate Technology. Carbon Nano-Tubes, combined with Aldila's proprietary A65 Performance Resin System, utilizing Advanced Ultra High Modulus Graphite Fibres, all synthesised into Micro Laminate Technology. Unparalleled performance and feel. The straightest, longest shaft Aldila has ever offered - with feel other shafts can't well, touch.
For more information on the Aldila Shafts available in the Vega Golf RAF Fairway Wood visit their website:
Matrix Ozik X Con 6
Matrix OZIK XCON (X-Axis Control) shafts are built for high-launch, low-spin ball flights. The OZIK XCON 6 is made purely of carbon graphite and introduces new Matrix technologies DEA, GEF, and AVF. Created as highly efficient delivery systems, XCON designs bring maximum performance in high MOI clubheads and stable feel for all players.
For more information on the Matrix Shafts available in the Vega Golf RAF Fairway Wood visit their website:
Nippon PRO Tour
Meet a future classic developed to answer professional needs! The TOUR Series - graphite designed for advanced golfers who hit the ball hard.
The TOUR Series features metal-coated pr-preg high performance graphire filament throughout to boost rigidity and give the shaft tip a more solid feel. It also puts weight in the grip.
Features like these, combined with the kind of ball flight and directionality that give hard-hitting pros the confidence that tournament play demands, make it the ideal shaft for advanced golfers looking for a truly extraordinary feel. No wonder the TOUR Series has enjoyed a distinguished international reputation as one of the definitive shafts for advanced golfers since its release.
For more information on the Nippon Shafts available in the Vega Golf RAF Fairway Wood visit their website:
For any further information or to try these astounding products call 01884 254836 to talk to one of PGA Professionals and Club Technicians.

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