Gauge Design 92014 (Rainbow PVD) Putter
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Whitlam Gauge Design 92014

The Classic 92014 David Whitlam Design Golf putter is back in another spectacular hand made limited run and couldn't look sexier sporting a brilliant rainbow pvd finish. All of the David Whitlam Putters are the most precise milled putters in the golf industry. Each putter is CNC milled and conforms to the USGA's strict guidelines governing the manufacture of golf equipment. In addition, David is proud that all WHITLAM GOLF Putters are made entirely in America.
This putter really is as spectacular as it's bright rainbow finish, combined with a fantastic smooth roll these putters are the only choice on the greens this year but the colour/finish is a tough putting choice thats left up to you?
Find some of the rarest collectors edition putters at Maximus Golf and you will be sure to improve your putting statistics on the greens! This is the last of these fine putters available in the UK. The word is spreading about the unique fine feel from these one piece forged putters and demand is beginning to increase for what are sure to become rare collectable golf putters!


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