Frozen Rope (Logo) Branded Clock
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Frozen Rope (Logo) Branded Clock

Frozen Rope Branded Clock

A Frozen Rope Logo Design branded clock. We have branded this clock with the Frozen Rope "FR" Logo to celebrate this new and exciting golf brand, for you to enjoy the luxury brand at home.

The clock features a changeable clock face design, so you can design you own custom clock face to suit you where ever you are. At work, at home, or as a present.

The changeable clock face design is perfect to make this your own unique clock, and a great piece for everyone to enjoy.

To change the face is so easy, and quick. All that is required is an A4 printed design. The central hole is made using a punch tool which is held on the reverse of the clock in its own little holder. Then all that is needed is to remove the front facet, the timer hands, and the bolt and washer. Then add the required design, replace the parts, and hang it on the wall, for you and everyone to marvel at.

The clock is designed so that it can be hung in either landscape or portrait format.

Some Great Ideas which this clock can be used for:

- Company Branding
- Family and friends
- Your own monthly image
- Celebratory memories

- Sporting prizes (Hole in one, nearest to the pin)

This clock provides an endless amount of customisable opportunity for you to discover.

Additional Information:

- Available with Black, White, or Red colour facet
- Interchangeable Face
- Easy to change clock face designs
- Customise your own clock face
- Requires 1x AA batteries

- Central Hole Puncher included


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