Radius Concept ITS Golf Putter
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Introducing the innovative Tour Concept range from Radius:

Consisting of 3 models, the Tour Concept range promotes 3 different paths systems:

- STS (square to square)
- ITR (inside to release)
- ITS (inside to square)

Radius ITS

The ITS Inside to Square is designed to be used for a putting stroke arcing inside the line on the backstroke and going straight through to the target on the follow through. The heel fin is proven to take the eye onto an inside path takeaway. Reduced toe weighting helps maintain balance for a straight through stroke. The ITS is perfect for any golfer looking to perfect this type of stroke or looking to fix a poor, outside the line takeaway.

- Material: CNC Milled 304
- Loft: 3.5
- Weight: 350
- Head cover included

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